Welcome to the consultation website for Shurgard, Oldfield Road.  

 Shurgard Self-Storage are seeking to carry out redevelopment at 74 Oldfield Road in Hampton, on a site located near the train station. The current intention is to provide Use Class B8 self-storage floorspace, along with a ground floor front of house. The current occupiers of this land are HB42, an organisation providing sealants, fillers, and other products for decorators. Shurgard are looking to redevelop the site with a brand-new modern building, working alongside the local community to deliver an important amenity.

 We would like to work with Hampton residents to ensure everyone in the surrounding area is satisfied and included in the process. Below, you’ll find more details of the proposals with a short feedback form at the end.

What Are The Proposals?

The proposed site is located on 74 Oldfield Road, where land is being released by Hilton Banks. The facility will comprise 8,814 sqm of self-storage space.

 Redevelopment plans of the site pay careful consideration to design so that impact to the setting and local area are minimised, and the new facility fits in seamlessly with its surroundings. It will be a brand-new, modern building that breathes new life into Oldfield Road.

South elevation to the Oldfield road. Click on image to enlarge

About Shurgard

Who are Shurgard?

Shurgard operates circa 270 self-storage stores in 7 countries in Europe with a growing presence across London and the Thames Valley.

Shurgard UK Ltd are a leading provider of self-storage providing a highly professional, quiet, and clean facility for individuals and businesses with extra space for belongings and/or commercial goods.

Moving Forward

This is your community, and we want to hear your views. Make your voice heard by completing the short feedback form at the bottom of this page.


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